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Success Skills: Try, Try Again!

Do not stop trying! An upside to our failure and frustration.How trying and failing can teach us to overcome problems?

Do Not Stop Trying!

If at first you do not succeed - try, try again. You may have heard this many times. If you were like me, you might have put this proverb on your mind. Are you going to do something for me? Right now say aloud: "If at first I do not succeed, I will try again."

Now think about the challenges in your life. More specifically, look at the areas where you have experienced frustration and failure in your life. List them, one by one, and decide whether you still find these particular things important.

I have found many issues that caused us so much pain, embarrassment and aggravation are not worth it in the long run.

(1) An upside to our failure and frustration

This list which is important to you is likely to be shorter than the one you started with. Most likely, you can now see the things you removed as no longer important to you as learning experiences that helped you mature. Look at what is important to you now, at this moment, that you still want to accomplish. These are things you should try again.

I have come to believe that there is often an upside to our failure and frustration. There is an upside to not getting what we want when we want it. Bad things can turn positive if we learn from our mistakes and learn our own limitations. Many of our most humbling stumbles and falls have become a fodder for laughter and personal growth.

(2) How trying and failing can teach us to overcome problems?

You see, by trying and failing, standing up and falling down, getting praise and ridicule, that helps us grow stronger and defines our character. What looks like a failure at that moment becomes a rich learning experience that you can build on and share with others. 

Maybe you have not gotten much of what you want in life, but it is time to try again. You may feel that you need more education or training in a specific area of expertise - TRY AGAIN! You may have tried to start a business once, or many times before, but if you really want it - TRY AGAIN!

Elsayed Farouk

Arabic-Egyptian translator and blogger - I share my experience in a simple way that suits everyone..... (مترجم ومدون عربي مصري - أشارك خبرتي بأسلوب مبسط يناسب الجميع)
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