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Domestic Tasks: Pretend to Live Alone

Pretend to live alone, Feeling upset with others, Hints to help deal with the domestic tasks, Golden rules for living

Pretend to Live Alone

(1) Feeling upset with others

I often hear family members complain that others are messy and unwilling to help with the cleanup because they want things to be done in a certain way at a certain time, they feel upset and blame everyone who lives in the house for this condition.

When these people come to me to complain, they think I have magic powers that will immediately change everyone but they do not expect what I will say about the problem that they suffer from. 

So often I see the looks of surprise when I tell them I live alone, so I do not have anyone to blame when the place is messy, and I also do not have anyone to pick up or organize things. And when you live alone, you do not waste a lot of time feeling upset with others who may not be doing things in the time or the way you will do them.

(2) Hints to help deal with the domestic tasks

However, here are a few hints to help deal with the domestic tasks: 

1- Meet with everyone who lives in the house and set a list of things to do in addition to the time-frame for their completion. 

2- Let everyone decide what they want to do, put their name on the list next to the chosen item, then make sure that they not only make a false promise, but they fully understand what is expected of them. 

3- Select the appropriate and realistic consequences of not completing the task on time. For example, not watching a movie until it is done, or delaying or canceling outings. 

4- Be consistent and never make an exception on consequences (or you will set a precedent in the future). 

5- Get rid of the things that cause or add more work, and if there is too much laundry, it may be because there are too many clothes. 

6- Use your machines, the appliances for me represent free labor, and all I need to do is to load the dishwasher and then get about half an hour of unpaid kitchen help, and the washing machine gives me about twenty minutes of work that I do not need to do or supervise, and also the dryer provides another sixty minutes of unpaid labor, and all I have to do is to invest a few minutes to fill each of these machines and push the buttons. 

7- Make chores enjoyable. Instead of grumbling or feeling annoyed, try to set a timer to see how much can be done before it rings. 

8- Plan a reward for everyone when the tasks are completed, and a board game, movie or cup of hot chocolate can be a motivation. 

9- Hold yourself accountable, and make sure that you have done what you are committed to do before complaining about others. 

10- Practice and teach your environment cleanup habits as you go.

(3) Golden rules for living

The following "golden rules for living" can be framed on the kitchen counter to remind everyone of the important things:

- If you open it, close it.

- If you turn it on, turn it off. 

- If you unlock it, lock it up. 

- If you break it, admit it. 

- If you cannot fix it, call in someone who can. 

- If you borrow it, return it. 

- If you value it, take care of it. 

- If you make a mess, clean it up. 

- If you move it, put it back. 

- If it belongs to someone else and you want to use it, ask for permission. 

- If you do not know how to operate it, leave it alone. 

- If it is none of your business, do not ask questions. 

- If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

- If it will brighten someone's day, say it.

- If it will tarnish someone's reputation, keep it to yourself.

Elsayed Farouk

Arabic-Egyptian translator and blogger - I share my experience in a simple way that suits everyone..... (مترجم ومدون عربي مصري - أشارك خبرتي بأسلوب مبسط يناسب الجميع)
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