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Making Success: Failure Is A Part of Success

How failure is a part of success? The difference between success and failure, Market leader systems, What is the best place to start your own business?

Failure Is A Part of Success

(1) The difference between success and failure

Most people work for money, but they do not know where the money comes from.

Thousands of ways are being implemented in order to get big earnings.

Do you know how much trials and errors that they get for?

People do not want to fail; everyone needs to succeed in business, just because they do not want to take a risk to fail and then they do not get anything to gain.

(2) Market leader systems

In this world, there are three class of market leader systems:

(a) Low-risk business (outsourcing)

People get a product or solution from other distributors and try to sell it to customers. And finally, even if they do not sell anything, they do not have to worry about it, because they just get commission and bonus. 

What are they doing if they do not get any income? 

They will often get other products or solutions and take some surveys in the market needs.

(b) Standard business (reseller or store) 

People have the products and solutions, and provide for customers a ready stock product and real time solutions, and this type of business involves a greater risk of spending if you build this project. 

What is the difference? 

People here have to put more effort and cost to buy the products from distributors, or if the company is a solutions provider, they would have to put effort in business promotion.

(c) Expert concept business (1st class business marketer)

You do not have products and solutions, but you have powerful marketing systems, so you can move customers to your products and solutions with professional ways, and in this type of business there is no risk, but high skills are needed.

(3) What is the best place to start your own business?

You have to think it yourself what type of business you want to start.

Failure is a part of success, and through research we find that all people who have succeeded in this world need to fail first to have more experience to build the next step in business to gain more experience.

Elsayed Farouk

Arabic-Egyptian translator and blogger - I share my experience in a simple way that suits everyone..... (مترجم ومدون عربي مصري - أشارك خبرتي بأسلوب مبسط يناسب الجميع)
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