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Cooperation: Impact of the Spirit of Cooperation on Individual and Society

How to enhance the spirit of cooperation, the poison of rivalry,how can we have peace and harmony, What makes karma a major problem for people

Impact of the Spirit of Cooperation on Individual and Society

Why is the world perpetually in the midst of a crisis, on the brink of self-destruction? This is mainly due to the fact that we are not yet aware that we are one global family that shares a common planetary home. 

(1) The poison of rivalry and recognizing the oneness of all

We must free ourselves from the poison of rivalry, recognize the oneness of all, and accept co-operation for the general good. Cooperation alone will save us from a disaster of our own making, and co-operation alone will guarantee our future in living cooperatively. 

Gradually, a new awareness awakens humanity to its inner needs. The cold, competitive spirit dies hard, but nevertheless a new spirit of co-operation is also to be found. Through co-operation we can know and prove the inner truth of our divinity. From the youngest onwards, we should see and accept everyone's rights. The most important thing is to inculcate co-operation, but it is up to the individual families to instill it. There is no such thing as a 'healthy competition'. There is either co-operation or competition. Co-operation is pro-active, and our sanity will be restored and maintained through sharing our resources. It will make life easier and healthier, and it will have a more peaceful place to share together. 

Competition among ourselves leads to unnecessary tension and stress, which results in our members working with each other at cross-purposes. This not only causes problems in our member continuity, but also in our own personal lives. When we constantly focus on how to be better than the next person, or how to be one step ahead of someone, or even how we can damage another’s reputation, how can we have peace and harmony in our lives or in our community? How does this bring benefit to our community or to ourselves? 

(2) What makes karma a major problem for people?

The problem of "karma" for people is their inability to cope with it, to recognize and do something about their responsibility for it. Most people blame other people or circumstances for their problems; it was their upbringing, the fact that their parents did not love them, or got divorced, or left them wanting, or that their husband/wives abandoned them. Through our actions, words and even out looks, all these experiences are shed on others, but of course it is all about our own karma and our own responsibility. One thing that holds us back in evolution is the karma, which always sits on our shoulders. 

If we constantly look at our motivations, and assess the true, underlying intention behind everything we say or do, we gradually become pure. We act spontaneously in the right way. We are becoming non-competitive. When there is no peace in our lives, then there will be no peace in our own community. So it is extremely important that we learn to dig deep into our own selves and consciously put forth our best efforts in co-operation with each other. 

Our collective future, the future of our partnership depends on us; so let us plan our future with vision and realism.

Elsayed Farouk

Arabic-Egyptian translator and blogger - I share my experience in a simple way that suits everyone..... (مترجم ومدون عربي مصري - أشارك خبرتي بأسلوب مبسط يناسب الجميع)
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