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Learning Difficulties:Poverty and Its Direct Effect on Children's Education

Poverty's effect on children's education, physical effects of poverty on education, cognitive effects of poverty on education, connecting causes and effects

Poverty and Its Direct Effect on Children's Education 

As a result of poverty, many children go through difficulties. This is particularly the case in most third world countries in Africa, but similar levels of poverty are prevalent in various countries around the world. Reduced academic performance is directly linked to poverty, regardless of the level of poverty. It is very difficult for children from poor backgrounds to achieve anything, especially when they lack access to good schools and appropriate education success tools. The truth is that poverty affects education directly in more than one way. 

(1) Physical effects of poverty on education 

When considering physical effects, diet and nutrition play an important role. Poor children rarely get any nutritional balance given that food can be expensive especially the fresh options. What these kids can most afford is cheap fast food that does not add much to their health. This takes into account that responsibilities can be somewhat overwhelming for parents even if they hold multiple jobs. Bills come first before food, and children are usually left to fend for themselves. Poor health comes with an improper diet; this means that children are vulnerable to diseases that usually go untreated. With this regard, poor children miss school more.

Hungry or ill children have issues with concentration. They have too many things going on in their minds, so they are not as physically ready as they should be for class work. Most of them will not only miss out on class work, but also any physical activity meant to improve their mind and body well-being.

(2) Cognitive effects of poverty on education 

Children's cognitive levels from poor backgrounds are not as impressive. They tend to have short attention spans and most are easily distracted, making it difficult for them to effectively monitor even the quality of schoolwork. Poor working memory and inability to connect causes and effects that are normal in regular children also seem to take center stage. This is usually due to environmental exposure to such things such as lead found in old run-down buildings and homes. Those who suffer from untreated diseases such as ear infections can also end up with hearing loss, making it even more difficult for them to concentrate or grasp what is being taught to them.

(3) Social-emotional effects of poverty on children

In general, poverty can take a toll on children so that they feel stressed and lack the basics that make a difference. Their minds focus more on problems at home than on class work, and even the education they can afford to access does not add much value to their lives because it lacks in most ways. Therefore, in addition to the physical and cognitive effects, these children face social-emotional challenges that not only affect their education but the way they look at life in general. There is a great need to alleviate situations of poverty, especially as far as education goes so that all children can enjoy learning to become the best they can be. Fortunately, many non-profit organizations come to the aid of these children.

Elsayed Farouk

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