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Blogging: Earn from Every Post You Write for Your Blog

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Earn from Every Post You Write for Your Blog

You want to make money, don't you? Everyone wants and needs to earn money. So you started a blog since you have heard it’s an easy way to make cash, but you are not quite sure how to actually make money by doing this. Or maybe you already have a blog and are exploring ways to monetize it. 

No matter which group you are in, you can make money with a blog, be it a hobby blog or a business blog. Let’s go deep inside and see how your blog can make money.

Is it possible to make money from writing for your blog?

Many people have tried it, and most have failed. However, other writers not only earn a decent income from their blog, but some actually make more than a full-time wage. 

So what are they doing right? Why are their posts so popular and how do they earn money from blogging? 

Well, to begin with, if you want to write articles or posts for your blog, you will need to consider three important things before getting started. But you can start your career as a blogger after you know what these are.

(a) Why do you want to write articles/ posts? 

This is really important. In fact, you already have to think hard (and I mean literally) about why do you want to write articles/ posts. Once you have a reason, then any article/ post you write can work for you as a soldier, going out to the goal of writing your article -as long as you know what that is.

(b) How do you get money? 

There are many different ways to earn money from writing articles/ posts for your blog. You can write them to earn money from PPC advertising, to sell a product, to sell a service, or to do affiliate marketing (or you can choose to use all of these). Once you know how you want to earn money from your blog you can then write articles/ posts that attract the most targeted readers so that you can increase your blog income.

(c) What action do you look for? 

You also need to know what action you want your readers to take. They still want to do something after they finish reading your articles/ posts, so you need to know what this is. 

Do you want them to click on a PPC ads? To make a purchase? To read about a service you are offering? To join your email list? To sign up for more information? Make sure what you want them to do and then tell them to do it. 

And most importantly, do not forget that all your articles/posts need to be read like a story so that your readers might keep reading. That is to say, make sure that every article has a beginning, a middle and an end. 

Start with an introduction to what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them how this information can help them, and what they do next. 

That way all your articles can be your army of soldiers, which helps you make money from everything you write.