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Good Parenting: Back-To-School Preparation Tips for Parents

Back-to-school preparation, talking to teacher, adjusting bedtime, teaching about safety, spend quality time

Back-To-School Preparation Tips for Parents

After a long summer, going back to school is always a time of excitement. While your kids will be very excited or even slightly worried about new teachers, new subjects, and meeting their friends, the days before school starts again are often busy and stressful. Instead of rolling in to school without any plans, we have compiled some tips that will help to keep organized, create routines and support kids to be their best at school.

It is really important to plan ahead and prepare your kid for the first day of school. It is not only about getting their bag, books and lunch box ready, but it is extremely important that kids are get mentally prepared as well. When they feel encouraged, reassured and supported by their parents, they are more likely to feel more confident and competent during the first day. 

Some easy back-to-school preparation tips for parents 

(a) Talk to his teacher

It is ideal to pay a visit to his teacher, guidance counselor or even the school principal before the school begins to let them know your interest in involvement and your good will. It is also the perfect time to give the teacher a heads up about any health or learning issue that your child may have. 

Another important thing to know is whether your child has a friend, neighbor or relative in class. A buddy system will make the transition easier as well as the rest of the school year. 

(b) Adjust his bedtime

Your kid may have been used during vacation to staying up later than his usual bedtime. It is necessary, at least a full week before school begins, to adjust his body clock according to the daily school schedule. To ensure that he gets enough sleep for a full day of learning, lights off should be earlier than usual. We all know how cranky one can get when we are tired! 

(c) Teach him about safety

Sit your kid down and talk about safety, and how it should be his first priority. Discuss what to do in situations such as being lost or being bullied. Talk about physical and traffic safety. Remind him that he is surrounded by responsible adults to whom he can run to if there be a problem. 

(d) Get them excited

While some kids may be excited for the first day in school, others will not be because they may still be in vacation mode. To get them ready to return, buy their clothing, snacks and supplies with them, giving them freedom to choose. 

(e) Spend quality time together

You will not able to spend much time with them once they return to study. Make it a point to just bond with your kid/s, have meaningful conversations and just be there for them. This will reassure them that, after a long day at school, they will return home to a loving place. 

For a smoother school year ahead, follow these back-to-school preparation tips for parents!

Elsayed Farouk

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