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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice for Graduating Seniors and Their Parents

Advice for graduating seniors and parents, COVID-19 pandemic, adversity can be a gift and an opportunity to learn

 Advice for Graduating Seniors and Their Parents

(1) Losing rites of passage

One of the COVID-19 pandemic’s many casualties was (or will be) losing certain rites of passage for the 2020 high school class. Most have lost out on competing in their final year of spring sports, their proms, their graduation ceremony, senior skip and/or prank day, grade-night outings or parties, and in some cases, where students do not have access to Wi-Fi or computers in their homes, the end of their school year.

Although I cannot imagine someone in these circumstances wishing to befall any child, the fact is that we do not have any control over the situation. Long ago, I learned that the best way to deal with problems is to let go of the things beyond my control and put all my energy into the things I do have control over. In the words of famous basketball coach, and very wise man, John Wooden:
Don't let what you can't do, get in the way of what you can do!
If parents speak to each other about how terrible thing are, this does not actually help anybody and hurts their kids. When parents show how badly they fear that their child would "miss out" on their graduation ceremony or prom, it simply makes their kids more anxious than they are likely to be and makes them feel worse not better.

Such things will not happen, so I think it is best to recognize the fact as soon as possible and start searching for possibilities in the situation. There are no circumstances, no matter how bad or tragic they may seem at the time, that they have no opportunities within them.

(2) Things will work out in time

It is generally known that high school seniors are anxious about all the big changes that are coming their way, without the added stress of a pandemic and all the uncertainty that it brings. What they need right now is their parents reassurance that things will work out in time. 

If they see their parents being upset or afraid, this makes them feel more scared. There is additional stress for the parents in many households, many of whom are suddenly unemployed, but as adults in the household it is important to shield your kids from those additional concerns right now. If they see that you are fearing your future, they are likely to become more anxious and fearful about theirs. 

Most of the kids I have spoken to are more upset about not being able to hang out with their friends than about missing their senior passage rites. Others states that their parents are more bummed about everything they are losing (not being able to post or share pics from the events they are missing on social media) than that their kid is missing the events. 

(3) Seize the opportunity for yourself

During challenging times, many of the greatest triumphs of life are sprung. Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Airbnb were all born in horrible economic downturns. Nelson Mandela unjustly spent 27 years in jail, and he could have easily spent those years feeling sorry for himself. Instead, he seized the opportunity for himself to become one of the most respected leaders of all time and succeeded in eliminating apartheid in his country. 

If you live nowadays and take advantage of what you have to offer every day, you may be surprised when you find yourself better off than you were before the pandemic occurred. 

For almost everyone, adversity is a part of life. Many people let themselves be destroyed by adversity, and others view it as a gift and an opportunity to learn. The only difference is how you CHOOSE to view it. 

As Wayne Dyer says: 
It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there's nothing you can do about them, and why worry about things you do control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized. 

Elsayed Farouk

Arabic-Egyptian translator and blogger - I share my experience in a simple way that suits everyone..... (مترجم ومدون عربي مصري - أشارك خبرتي بأسلوب مبسط يناسب الجميع)
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